Dec 16, 2022 · Access keycard: grants you access to building 21.

Once you have at least one access card in your key stash, you can infiltrate.

The high-value target may drop the card. “Building 21 has entered lockdown after.



Call of Duty: Warzone 2. . Access to this new map requires the player to possess the Building 21 access card.


These contain valuable loot, including DRC Building 21 Access Cards. . Also, you can wait for the plane to drop supplies or.

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Update: Defence Research Center (DRC) Building 21 is not on the Al Mazrah map! After you are extracted with a key card, the option to enter Building 21 will appear in the DMZ lobby menu. Building 21 has finally gone live and missions have been greenlit for those with access cards, according to Infinity Ward.

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Here you can find black access cards: The black key card is guaranteed to drop the boss in building 21, but Velikan only appears later, about halfway through the timer.
Golden Supply Drops.

What does Black Access Card Do?.


The description of this key says that it gives access to the. . #DMZ.

. Dec 19, 2022 · DMZ BUILDING 21 Everything You Need To Know Before You Play - Black Key Card - Building 21 Tips. 12!🔸 Featured V. Note: if you shoot at it from a distance it will begin to follow you. .

Jan 9, 2023 · A Guide on how to find and use the Black Access Card in DMZ Building 21.

Buy one from a buy station. .

Blue keycard: Opens the security room near the data center.

An easy to follow, in-depth guide showing where to use the Black Access Card key in Building 21 in DMZ.


; The main boss of the Building is called Velikan.

But, there is another Access Card that is much rarer - the Black Access Card.