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In this barn, the cows require water, food, and straw.

How to drop straw bales at cow barns. In this barn, the cows require water, food, and straw.


Cow Barn (Large) So took me about 20 mins to actually read properly about that if you buy a barn instead of a pasture that water is automatically given to your animals, but I’m struggling to find out where I can go to give them straw bedding.

Apr 20, 2023 · This mod includes two cow barns. #7. .


Nov 29, 2021 · A Small Cow Barn will hold 45 ($254,000) A Large Cow Barn will hold 80. I have noticed that I am having problems putting down straw in both. Jun 23, 2015 · Use that next to the cow shed to blow straw in.

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1 FS22.

Cow Barn 250 – Holds 250 Cows – Produces, but does not have storage for: Manure, Slurry, and Milk. In the cow section of the menu, you will find the "cow barn with feeding robot" on the end of the selection list.

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If you intend to use your slurry, or sell it.
Apr 20, 2023 · This mod includes two cow barns.

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Unloaded it in my field, bought the forster (I think is it name) to gather up the loose straw.

. The Free Stalls are located in the animal pens tab. How to buy a Cow Barn.

. . . (edited by A Fandom user) 0. In FS19 u used to put the straw actually in with the cows for bedding and not the drop points not sure if its the same in FS22 as not bought them yet. Does require external (extended) storages for each of these.


Keep a tractor hooked up, jump to it, turn on the wagon, pull forward and back in 10 seconds all clean, and when they need more grass just pull forward and twist the back end a bit and dump it. .

Pick the animals’ tab and select a suitable cow pasture in the Cow section.


To collect it, you must set the straw ejection option in the harvester instead of cutting it and spreading it across the.

How to get straw? Straw can only be obtained from certain grains - wheat, barley, and oats (sorghum does not produce straw).

Dec 13, 2021 · The autofeed barn is easy enough to purchase.