It runs realy smooth on my phone but it feels like slowmotion.

To avoid stuttering you need to be at 100% speed, or be using OpenAL with plenty of latency. This change happened because of the greater Android community that spends way too much time trying to get the very most out of their mobile devices.

The latest round of updates is making the emulator better than ever on Android.


May 21, 2023 · Dolphin Progress Report: February, March, and April 2023. 6 Xiaomi. .


0-15952 - Disable Primitive Restart on Adreno by The Dolphin Android Users¶ As stated in the title of this change, credit for this discovery can't go to any single developer or tester. . .

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That is incorrect.

- hn. however, I get constant visual and audio stuttering even at 50-60 fps.

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May 21, 2023 · Dolphin Progress Report: February, March, and April 2023.


Du kan for eksempel lage en for alle favorittthrillerne dine og en annen kun for noen pedagogiske lesninger. Share. 6 Xiaomi.

0 and above). If you play a game in Dolphin and the game is not running full speed, then audio SHOULDN'T be full speed. sh. Joined: Feb 2012. Dolphin is making a few changes to its Android. .


To make the emulator run faster, you should use the graphics settings that are best suited for your device. .


Dolphin has two performance related configuration windows: Dolphin configuration and Graphics settings, in addition to applying settings per game via their GameINI.


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